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Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Is there a way to have Radio's Home Page show list of postings to Categories,  so I won't have to write an entry on the front page to inform readers that "an article about such and such has been added" to "x category" ?
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Radio still won't create directories via its FTP.  Why not?  I notice this whenever there's a new month,  and Radio won't create a new directory for the archives.  It's driving me batty!
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Saturday, September 06, 2003

Now it seems Radio's upload to my weblog site is failing.  After posting ,  I get a blank home page.  WSFTP uploads the file just fine,  when I go and copy it up from the backups/rendering folder (radio wrote the entry to the xml and html files just fine).  What's up now?  (Note:  I had to do the upload via WSFTP on both posts today)

OK,  here's the Event Log this morning:

Upstream 1 file: . The server reported an error: One or more files failed to upstream because 550 /C:/: Permission denied. 11:00:11 AM 2.533
Upstream Can't upstream because "Can't find a sub-table named "3605"." 10:59:49 AM 66.116
Weblog publish TheoBlogical Community; 9/6/2003. 10:58:37 AM 0.000
Weblog publish TheoBlogical Community. 10:58:36 AM 0.000
Update Themes New Themes: 0. Updated Themes: 0. 10:44:32 AM 19.833
Hourly scan 63 channels read, 3 new stories. 10:18:54 AM 53.733
Upstream Can't upstream because "Can't find a sub-table named "4665"." 9:50:54 AM 64.016
Upstream Can't upstream because "Can't find a sub-table named "6468"." 9:49:30 AM 68.433

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Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Before work,  a little test to see if this posts correctly.  Radio has been putting a big blank spot at the top of my content section on some posts over the past week.

If I have something to say today,  I guess I'll post from my desk at work later on,  during some break time.

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Thursday, July 31, 2003

I noticed that my three posts to my Cluetrain section didn't create the directory for July under cluetrain on my server,  so nothing went up.  I corrected that.

Home Page post? This morning my home page posts with a big huge blank space at the top of the content area,  pushing everything off the screen.  What's going on now? 

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Sunday, July 27, 2003

Home page still taking about 5 minutes and/or 3 attempts to post.  Radio will upload my "Permalink" archive file immediately after it updates the calendars on the the months permalink pages.  But then Radio stops uploading.   Why won't it go on?  The home page should be first,  in any event.  That's the page I want people to see,  and where most "Category" only entries are announced and links provided.  At the very least,  Radio should not stop the upstream until the home page is updated with the post that I have tried to add to my weblog.  It also shouldn't take 5 minutes.  Some mornings,  I don't have the time to insure that it's going up.
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The home page still takes at least 3 posts to finally agree to be posted.  My event log:

Upstream 3 files: index.html, 27.html, rss.xml. 1:03:28 PM 28.983
Weblog publish TheoBlogical Community; 7/27/2003. 1:03:09 PM 0.000
Weblog publish TheoBlogical Community. 1:03:09 PM 0.016
Weblog publish TheoBlogical Community; 7/27/2003. 1:02:21 PM 0.016
Weblog publish TheoBlogical Community. 1:02:20 PM 0.016
Upstream 1 file: 27.html. 1:00:38 PM 6.083
Weblog publish TheoBlogical Community; 7/27/2003. 1:00:30 PM 0.000
Weblog publish TheoBlogical Community. 1:00:29 PM 0.016
Upstream 14 files: 05.html, 06.html, 07.html, 08.html, 09.html, 16.html, 17.html, 18.html, 19.html, 22.html, 24.html, 25.html, 26.html, 27.html. 1:00:05 PM 68.283
Weblog publish TheoBlogical Community; 7/27/2003. 12:58:53 PM 0.016
Weblog publish TheoBlogical Community. 12:58:52 PM 0.000
Upstream 1 file: 27.html. 12:58:18 PM 6.316
Weblog publish TheoBlogical Community; 7/27/2003. 12:58:02 PM 0.033
Weblog publish TheoBlogical Community. 12:58:01 PM 0.016

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Friday, July 25, 2003

730am,  and is Radio going to upload this? 1st try , NO.  7:32am. 7:34,   still no update.  7:35,  attempt 3,  still NO. 7:37,  finally uploads on 4th try.
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Thursday, July 24, 2003

Once again:

Can't evaluate expression because the name "server" has not been defined!   What the heck?  I've been getting this ever since I renewed (don't know if that's related or not).  Clicking the GoTo button on the Error Info box takes me to system.verbs.builtins.radio.upstream.uploadChangedFiles. When I click debug,  I get stopped on the following line:

 case string.lower(adsprec^.server) 

There I get a Dilaog opup dilaog box that looks like a Javascript Alert that says:

This script has no statements in its body.  To debug "uploadCahngedFiles", add a statement below the script that calls it with the approporiate parameter list.

I have no idea what to do. 

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Tuesday, July 22, 2003

How long will it take this morning?  As usual,  I began trying top ost at 7:23 am (not usually that early,  but it takes several tries and/or minutes to post).....7:31 now and still no front page replacement withthe new posting. (7:34,  11 minutes and 4 attempts...it posts) It does however,  update a category home page (this one)

I'm still getting "Can't evaluate the expression because the name "server" hasn't been defined" in ma Error Info dilaog box,  and pressing GoTo takes me into system.verbs.builtins.radio.upstream.uploadChangedFiles.

Lawrence at Userland asked me about my ftp settings,  if they are set to passive or not.  They are. 

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