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 Monday, June 02, 2003

I added a PayPal button to the original post and ,  well ,  here too,  since you looked:

PayPal (if you can create an account it's free, and secure, just like Amazon. I've found them trustworthy, then this is even better. they don't take out as much as Amazon does)

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 Friday, May 30, 2003

You can help support Theoblogical by using my "Shop Now at" link in the left nav bar of the home page or at the top right of this page, or by going to any of the Amazon pages for books (in the Book Bloggin' section) or Videos (DVDs) in the Video and Movies section.


 Blogging and Coding for Support-while-jobhunting is an article I felt compelled to write to explain myself, and apologize for "asking for help in any way" , since I was very afraid of being in any way intrusive or "fundraising". A supportive reader commented and suggested Amazon TipJar or PayPal, and so I set up a "PayPage" to "collect" these.

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 Wednesday, May 28, 2003

I feel conflicted about it.  On the one hand,  what I write about is of interest to some,  and I am flattered when I hear of readers who relate to me their appreciation for what I am trying to say.  I often imagine how great it would be to get paid for it,  but I'm also participating in the Weblog community,  and this is not the norm there.  Neither would I want to "lock away" anybody from my "best stuff".   But there's something to be said for the value of "work" that is so much a part of one's soul.  Even though it's not "drudge work";  indeed,  it is "ideal work";  it is something that in an ideal world, I would be doing for the good of the Church and recognized and compensated as such.  But we're not there yet,  and much of the groundwork to getting there is to make use of the channels available to make my voice heard (and the voices of those who may join in the conversation that is encouraged and enabled in the weblog community).

As I've pondered the "tip jar" , and looked for instructions on setup,  I delay my decision because I'm afraid of making readers feel obligated or "cheap" if they don't contribute,  which isn't at all true because I have always written and will continue to write because I feel I have a valuable "slant" and perspective,  and want to share it,  and mature in it as I wade the waters of online community and the Weblog segment of it.  I have more on this in Blogging and Coding for Support-while-jobhunting

Later edit:  I've decided to keep it low profile,  but make possible a way for some one looking for it to find it,  by making a navlink at the left,  at the bootom of the list,  called "Ways to Help" which links to a "Support this Site" section,  and will also include Amazon affiliate and future Amazon API stuff.    

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