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Tony Campolo represents for me an articulate and inspiring voice for the Sociologist/Theologian. I majored in Sociology at Murray State University, Murray, KY in 1978. I proceeded on to Southern Baptist Theological Seminary where I received my Mdiv. In 1981. IN the summer of 1980, while serving as Minister of Youth for Ninth Street Baptist Church in Cincinnati, OH, I experienced the insight, wit, and passionate speaking of Campolo for the first time at "Creation '80" in Lancaster County Pennsylvania.

From then on, I collected audio tapes, video, and books featuring Campolo and after exposing my Dad to Campolo, he became a big fan. Campolo has written prolifically, and I have all but one of the books he has written that I know of with the exception of the latest "Carpe Diem", which I have already read in a sense since I saw a film series in which he spoke on much of which is contained in the book. While Camplolo is an excellent writer, it is a special treat to hear him speak. Campolo is the exception to the usual where the book is usually better than the movie.

Campolo is widely accepted in a variety of circles, mainly due to his passionate study of the way Culture and Christianity affect one another. Campolo is Chair of the Sociology Department at eastern College, St. Davids , Penn.

Founder and President for the Evangelical Association for the Promotion of Education

Author of 13 books that sit in the place of honor on the "Top Shelf" where my most cherished writer's books sit.

  • How to Rescue the Earth Without Worshipping Nature
  • How to Be Pentecostal Without Speaking in Tongues
  • Wake Up America
  • The Kingdom of God Is A Party
  • Growing Up in America: A Sociology of Youth Ministry
  • Things We Wish We'd Said: Reflections of A Father and His Grown Son (with Bart Campolo)
  • Who Switched the Price Tags?
  • 20 Hot Potatoes Christians Are Afraid to Touch
  • Seven Deadly Sins
  • A Reasonable Faith
  • (We have met the enemy, and they are ) Partly Right
  • The Power Delusion
  • The Success Fantasy


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