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Please mail any links to me that you find on the subject of King and related sites.

I watched a TVMovie about King in 1978, and I became aware for the first time that King drew so heavily on theological ideas. I grew up in Alabama in the 60's, and so he was not exactly presented in the white church as a theological leader. I began to read some of King's writings, and went on to do my paper in "Law and Society" on King and Civil Disobedience. Later, in Seminary at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, I wrote my Church History paper on The Southern Baptist Response to the Life and Death of Martin Luther King, Jr.

He was to become a major influence on my questioning of motives among the religious community (considering all the "theological arguments given attempting to discredit King) , and thus a positive influence on my own journey in sofar as it enabled me to take some distance from the "status quo" and begin to realize some of the societal/political roots of theological movements.

I have begun to see some sites popping up concerning King.

This one, Martin Luther King, Jr. , has some links to papers and to the King Center in Atlanta.

Others I am collecting together (Please go here and contribute your own findings)



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