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Theology and Religion (with some additional theology paper resources: Resources I use to keep up on Internet culture studies)

Online Publications/Listings

GoshenChristian Resources

Best of the Christian Web
Goshen Internet Christian Resource Directory
Prism (ESA)


Christian Computer User Online
CCU Net WebSite List

Denominational Groups


Connected Christianity


Notre Dame Theology
Catholic Answers, Inc.
Catholic Religious Education Home Page
Catholic Resources on the Net
Catholic Schools on the Net
Catholic Schools, Colleges, and Academic depts.
Catholic Source Documents
Catholic Youth Ministry Home Page

Churches of Christ

Cyberspace Church of Christ


Anglicans Online!
Episcopal Church Home Page
Episcopal Diocese of Washington
Matthew Fox List
Saint John's Episcopal Church (Cleveland)
The Episcopal Church of Our Saviour


ELCA Lutheran Church Home Page
Lutheran Homepage
Official ELCA Lutheran Church

Methodist Resources

La Mesa First United Methodist Church
Methodist CyberChurch
MN UMC Home Page
Rainier United Methodist Church
United Methodist Church Home Page
United Methodist News Service Gopher


Distinctive Churches
Christian Reformed Church
Journey Magazine's home page
Mennonite Central Committee
peaceweb (Quakers of Ottawa)
The Orthodox Christian Page in America

Presbyterian Church

Nikk's Home Page
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Southern Baptist Convention

Distinctive Church Home Pages
Faith and Message
Southern Baptist Churches on the Web
Southern Baptist Pages
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Abstract of Principles &
Student Union
Yahoo's List of Baptist Churches

United Churches of Christ

UCC Home Page

General Indexes

Theology and Religion Links

Killer Links
The Noosphere
Christian Resource List
Christian Resource List
Christian Resources on the Internet (1 of 3)
Christian Resources on the Internet (2 of 3)
Christian Resources on the Internet (3 of 3)
Christian Sites To Be Seen
InfoSearch Query:Seminary,theology
Lycos search: theology internet theological
Mail Index
Other Christian Resources
Religion (Community)
Religion and Philosophy Resources
search results for Religion
Soc.religion.christian WWW home page
Society and Culture:Religion
SPIRIT-WWW, Spiritual Consciousness on WWW
Steven Schimmrick's Christain Resources
The Electric Mystics Guide to the Internet Volume 1
The Electric Mystics Guide to the Internet Volume 3
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Religion
Web of Wonder
World Christian Internet Resources
Yahoo Christianity Links

Independent Christian Groups

Christian Interactive Network
International Theological Seminary
Jesus Christ's Eternal Abundant Life, Inc.
Nonprofit Organizations on the Internet
Sojourners Online
Spirituality For Today!
Taize Community
The "Jesus Army" pages
The First Church of Cyberspace


Conversations With God Ministries, Inc. Home Page
Dr. Bonzo Welcomes You to the Boulder Inquisition
Gallery Latreuo
Global Online Service Helping Evangelize Nations (GOSHEN)
Good News for Catholics Home Page (Anti-Catholic Bigotry)
HotWired: NetSurf -- Spirituality and Interspace... -- All Posts
IN Christ (an individual's page)
Internet Direct User Server II
Preview Family Movie and TV Review
The Celestine Network
The Unofficial WWW Jack Chick Archive!
The World, The Word and You
Uncategorized (Christian Resource List)
WWW Christian Web

Individuals, Saints, and thier movements


Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr.
MartinLuther King (Seattle Times)


Bryn Mawr Classical Review
Guide to Christian Literature on the Internet
Industrial Religion Garage
Materials on the Peoples of the Book
Project Wittenberg
Religious and Sacred Texts
The Four Spiritual Laws


Association of Christians in Higher Education
Campus Crusade For Christ, Canada
Christian Coalition
Christian Consortium Network
Conversations With God Ministries, Inc. Home Page
Gospel Communications Network
Links to Other Habitat Internet Sites
Speed the Need (Missionary Info)
The Renaissance Organisation
World Council of Churches
soon to be
Youth Specialties


Baker Book House (Chrst'n Cyberspace Companion)
Christian Computing Magazine
Christian Guide to Essential Internet Resources
LOGOS Software


A Bahai Faith Page
Global Hindu Electronic Network (GHEN) The Hindu Universe
Living Buddha, Living Christ
Plum Village
The Engaged Buddhist
Thich Nhat Hanh

Religious Studies

APS Research Guide to Resources for Theological and Religious Studies
C.G. Jung Anthology of Writings
Celtic Christianity
Chorus: Scott Pell, C.S.C.
Communication Helps (UK) The WIRE
Community and Culture:Religion
Faith and Science Links
KansasReligion and Philosophy Corner
Nostra Aetate (The Church and Non-Christian Religions)
Provenzano and Sons Philosophy/Theology Page
Religious Studies Home Page (UPenn)
Resource Page-Biblical Studies
Society and Culture:Religion:Christianity:Ministries
The Christian Theology Page
The Feminist Theologian Resource Page
The Source

Theological Schools and Seminaries

Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond (CBF)
Boston University School of Theology
Concordia Theological Seminary
Earlham College's WWW Thread
Miami Christian University
Pacific Lutheran Seminary
Pitts Theology Library
SantaClara U Religious Studies Dept.
Theology on the Web
Unravelling Wittgensteins Net - A Christian ThinkTank
Web-Site of Unknowing
William James: The Varieties of Religious Experience

Theology OF the Web

APS Research Guide to Resources for Theological and Religious Studies
Global Brain Awakens
Links for Soc of Cyberspace
Sociology of Cyberspace
Theological and Religious Studies

Theology Paper Resources

WIRED articles/forums

WIRED article on Noosphere
WIRED Theology of the Net Forum

Cybersociety Related Books

Escape Velocity
The Emperor's Virtual Clothes
Road Warriors
City of Bits Surf Sites
Net World

Sociological Studies

John Perry Barlow Library
The Information Age (Historical Summary)
Filtering Tools, Not Censorship
Social Science Information Gateway - SOSIG
The SocioWeb
Technological Determinism
Social Science Looks at Online Intimacy
Sherry Turkle: Computers and Sociology
Sociology of Cyberspace
The Netizens and the Wonderful World of the Net: An
The MUD as a Basis for Western Mysticism
Evolutionary Psychology Article (TIME)
Electronic Democracy
Cultural Studies & Postmodernism
Cyber: Technology and Culture (Carnigie Mellon)

Hypertext Studies

Ted Nelson
Hypermedia Research Center
Cyberspace and the Structure of Knowledge
Hypertext Studies
Politexts, Hypertexts, and Other Cultural Formations in the
Hypertext and Cyberculture Studies

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