New Media Communications 2.0: A Great Good Place for the Theological Community 

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Web Theology Building

This series of pages is the live link to my work in my continuing Dmin studies online, via the Ecunet system of networks.

I have submitted these pages as preliminary outlines for the construction of a theology of the Internet in General, and of the World Wide Web in particular. The html files which make up this mini-web here are also being submitted to a meeting on Ecunet entitled "A Compuserve for the Church" which began as a discussion about how future online services geared for theological communities will take shape. In the two years since, the World Wide Web has entirely changed the scope of that vision, as future developments may continue to do.

Please add any comments, suggestions, resources you may know of to this effort , particularly if you are engaged in any similar work yourself.

These points of theological reflection on the Internet and its effects and possibilities for theological community follow some preliminary writing regarding my own personal journey in ministry, the context of my present ministry, and how these two converge in the shaping of future work for the theological community.

Lately, I have been reading, surfing, and gathering notes on my Theological/Theory Paper concerning the Theological Community and the Internet. The work in progress is outlined as follows:

The Outline

Introduction to Theological Foundations for "A Web Theology"

Intro to a Theology of Computer Mediated Communications

Web Theology in Perspective

Implications for the Theological Community

To Glean the Treasures from the Web: The Pleasures and Perils of Hypertext

Ecunet 95: A Tale of my developing Theological reflections on Computer Mediated Communications

What is significant for my experience of the Online Community

How Computer Communications might cause us to sin

How it might enhance life

The Church as "The Great Good Place" in Cyberspace?

Being the Church in the World: Being present in the marketplace

The Printing Press and the Church (Seminary paper, 1990)

Web structure and tendencies

The Virtual Community : Real or Unreal?

My developing "call" to Internet ministry

Biblical/Theological Precedents for theological study of computer communications

Tools of the Internet (Appendix)


Resource Review

Previous papers

Prior (Phase 1) papers in this study


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