Graphics and Conferencing Applications

I have written to begin to communicate where I come from, and where I think this information age may take us in our theological journey. I have been looking at the "graphical" challenges that face me now. I feel I am losing touch with the online community. It's a lot like what I felt like when I began to realize I was losing touch with the young people in youth ministry, but this time it is something I can learn. I wonder if there is anyone out there who needs to donate their artistry and Web design for a "worthy cause". I see it is a kind of partnership possibility, for I do know that there are "communicative elements" in the accompanying design…….or more than "accompanying"; perhaps "expressing". I have acquired two books: Web Page Design, HTML and CGI unleashed, and have been tempted to buy Corel Web Gallery and/or Asymetrix Web 3-D. Any experiences with these two packages?

I also want to include a "place to interact".

On Ecunet, as I began in 1992, there was an energy to a "gathering" which seemed very much a "fellowship", and a sense of a real ecumenicity. The software in which several meetings (or forums) took place was called Parti, which allowed a very democratic system of opening topics which would bring people together for a time. I have also looked in on several other "Web Conference Boards" like at The Well, at HOTWIRED, and many others.

I have been playing around with a system called Web Board which runs on a Web Server (I have "Web Site" from O"Reilly installed), but I cannot keep this connected for very long (only when I am online). Anyone out there seen a good tool I could use to maintain a "Conferencing" kind of setup, to make this site a more "interactive" one?

Please mail me if you can suggest anything or point me to something

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