Servant Leadership School

An "extension" of the ministries of the Church of the Saviour , I have enrolled in a course being offered at the Christian Ministries Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. We presently have a group of about 16 people meeting in the fashion of the mission groups of the Church of The Saviour , sharing spiritual autobiographies, looking at the spiritual autobiography of the Cincinnati area, and about to embark on a study of Henri Nouwen's "Life of the Beloved".

As we shared on the first night what brought us to the group, I told them how I have tried to keep foremost in my intentions that I would seek some face-to-face expression of what I have been writing about online. If what I do here causes me to neglect interacting face to face, then what I do is constriciting and growth-preventing. I told them that this group may well be an incarnation of that goal. In fact, my coming to the group was a result of my involvement in the online world. I met Larry Bourgeois, who has gotten me involved in the evolution of the Christian Ministries Center. At a Computers And MinistryConference in Dayton in 1992, and two years later after much discussion and Larry's dream of developing a new expression of bookstore/coffeehouse, the discussions are beginning to take shape at Old St. George's on the campus of the University of Cincinnati. Part of that dream is a communications center, where work will take place to connect the ecumenical world together.

This Web site will track the developments of this expansive vision for ministry, and may well be a central platform for the development of my Dmin project where I am exploring the use of the World Wide web and other Internet tools to enhance communication of theological and educational resources, and enhancement of ecumenical community.

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