New Media Communications 2.0: A Great Good Place for the Theological Community 

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Let me begin this description of context by defining the terms I am using in this world of "technese" language. CMC is the broad concept of Computer Mediated Communication, as spoken of by Rheingold in "The Virtual Community". It is the general "ministry" idea into which I see myself fitting. New Media Communications is the entity which I am developing. My letter to the churches (sounds kind of Pauline doesn't it?) is a project of New Media Communications. My online magazine ("New Technology Review Online" on Ecunet) is another developing product. It is on the online magazine that I am focusing as my project. The magazine deals with the issues I am focusing on in an editorial/review fashion, much like the PC magazines, but with a flavor like that of such publications as WIRED and NEW MEDIA . These two magazines do review of product (New Media much more so than WIRED), but also focus on the context of the users and the questions of how all this affects our communications with each other.

So, with a focus on how to get churches and church organizations to want to subscribe to my newsletter (either in an onlline form or by mail in a printed version), let's look at a picture of this context. Many of you have a diagram which is online in the "Projcht" attachment meetings. I have been adding little elements to this since then, but the basic structure is still there so that you might follow it with more clarity.

The major element is CMC (Computer Mediated Communication). Around this central issue are the elements which are brought together by CMC. Each of these areas, 1)theological education 2)National Services 3)Information/Resources 4)Local BBS's, all provide resources and channels for the task of the church. The "Interface Issues" box should really be placed on every path between all the elements, because there are "interfaces" for one to "connect" and contribute or draw from the other.

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