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I see other "syntheses" of my life's journey and the world into which I seek to move and take these "tools" forged from this life. The following sections describe the various "intersections" or exchanges I see on the information highway where I "get off" <g>.
I have always been, as I have written many times, a "technology-driven" person. I have also been an avid reader and browser of resources. When I first saw the call to minister, I became a better student with study habits. I feel this came with a thirst for knowledge, initially toward understanding what the Bible was telling me. I soon began to draw from other fields of study, due in no small part to the excellent Sociology department at Murray State. I eventually chose that field as my major, and gained important foundational sociological distance from religious institutions and the phenomenon of personal piety that allowed me to see some of the social and political forces which are adopted into the formation of ideologies (and theologies).
I am thankful for this liberal arts education. I sought out similar classes in Seminary at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville. I feel now that I got there just in time, before the ultra-conservative forces in the Southern Baptist Convention would begin their "holy house-cleaning" to rid the denomination of the dangerous liberals. This is much of the reason why I have come to be so in tune to the importance of theological education distribution.


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