New Media Communications 2.0: A Great Good Place for the Theological Community 

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The week of September 11, 2001

The bombings

The news I received


The past three and a half  years of Web development have steered me away from the calling which produced the content of this Web beginning seven years ago.  My work in a .com effort for a denominational Publishing House since 1997 has given me some valuable technology tools that I now feel that I must bring to a renewed effort to enhance the theological community on the Web.  

I have spent the past six months attempting to raise the awareness of my employer concerning the need for Community functions and how to tap them.  I will now begin construction of Forum areas for New Media Communications,  and refreshing of the bibliography I had begun constructing.  With the rise of the Portal approach to Web hosting,   I have been seeing an "updated" version of the work that I have named "New Media Communications".  I will call it New Media Communications 2.0.

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