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Friday, September 20, 2002
The Links that Bind

The connectedness of us all,  and our deepest dreams, I believe,  is addressed in this segment:

"What makes it a web is the fact that it has links. That's quite literally what turned the Internet into the Web. But every link says, "Here's something I care about. Maybe you will, too. So, go away from my page and go visit this other page." Every link is a small act of generosity, of selflessness. And that's what I understand human spirituality to be about, at least to a large degree. Thus, the Web's architecture is spiritual." from "The spirituality of the web's architecture" with David Weinberger -  chat transcript on

The things which move us and inspire us motivate us to share the excitement.  This is closely related to a key element in my Theology of Church:  that we all have 'gifts' given to us by God;  and these gifts are meant for the enhancement of the community;  specifically,  for the community's mission to some segment of the world.  If we could latch onto this, somehow,  and take much more seriously the architecture of the Web and how it is INVITING us to fill its space with examples of this 'sharing',  there would be many more ministries birthed as people discover kindred spirits via the Net that may well be somebody sitting next to them in Church.

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Weinberger on The spirituality of the web's architecture

David Weinberger posts on JOHO today:

Spirituality chat: "The transcript of a chat I did at on the topic "The Spirituality of the Web's Architecture" has been posted here. 10:28 PM | PermaLink "

This is promising of many various blog-spirations for me.   I feel the end of a blogless funk arriving.  This area is where the Web's connection into "getting us connected to the Clue-giving character of the web' and the "Need to get that clue from inside the theological  community" meet.    Thanks again Mr. Weinberger.

I'll be posting these upcoming blogs to my "Theoblogical" section in the hours ahead.  

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