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Monday, December 02, 2002
Things of and from the Church of the Saviour model have led me to renew thinking and pondering The Church of the Saviour Vision and the Weblog in Weblogs, COS Style
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11:17:36 AM    
Churches as Inranet, ExtraNet, and Internet

From my article: The Social and Spiritual Realities We Ignore

Many times,  I would imagine,  we can discover things about people who are already "in our midst" in a physical community to which we have attached but not yet discovered our common call.  This would seem to be more likely as Churches begin to discover the value of "Intranets" (the local expression with online information,  interaction,  and storytelling and sharing) joined to ExtraNets (connected to larger bodies related to them such as denominations) joined to the THE INTERNET (a part of the human family in a deep ecumenical sense,  where missions of the Church and human welfare projects of all kinds can join people who can join forces.

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9:40:47 AM    
WIRED to Inspiration

Some Good stuff from WIRED on Science and Theology,  like The Pope's Astrophysicist which describes a Vatican research group led by Jesuits (those often pesky free-thinkers within the authority of the Church who often seem to push the boundaries of the "confines" of theological thinking) they explore the physical boundaries of the cosmos for "clues" of divine design that pose the most interesting questions. 

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