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  Friday, October 10, 2003

The Right Christians

The sub-title of this site is a quote from Al Sharpton (who is unaffiliated with this site, but they liked what he said),  which is this:

"It's time for the Chritian Right to meet the right Christians."  

I like it as well.  I found The Right Christians via Mike James' Tread Lightly on the Things of Earth blog,  which I have added to my RSS feed and Blogroll.

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4:15:38 PM    

Starting to understand Flash MX 2004 Actionscripting

The Flash books I mention below are 7,  as follows:

  • 2 O'Reilly books: Actionscript for Flash MX Second edition, and ActionsScript Cookbook.
  • Peachpit Press: Macromedia Flash MX Advanced
  • Flash MX Savvy (Sybex)
  • Flash MX Actionscript Bible (Wiley)
  • MaranGraphics/Hungry Minds "Visual" series: Flash Actionscript (just noticed it uses Flash 5 Actionscripting)
  • I also bought another O'reilly book, Amazon Hacks

I was in a hurry to find some immediate help on some MovieClip code I need to load a single frame from a movie into my "Placeholder Clip" that I put in my movie to hold the other swf files I am loading for each of the main sections of my site application.  What I end up doing quite often is "borrowing" books from Amazon and/or Barnes and Noble,  and if they turn out to be a "must have",  I order them via Amazon and then return the copy (usually full price purchase) to the store.  I figure that I support those stores well via coffee purchases (a usual step in the bookstore visit) and the books I end up keeping (like the WIRED: A Romance) I bought,  or DreamweaverMX/FireworksMX Savvy, or Fireworks MX: From Zero to Hero,  etc.

I also expect that soon I'll be set up at OSG to get some stuff via their Bookstore,  and perhaps eventually get a Dev resource Budget to get useful reference and/or training books.  I'm looking eagerly forward to getting my hands on the new Macromedia Training From The Source Books on Flash MX 2004 Pro and Flash MX ---one of the authors of Macromedia Flash MX 2004 ActionScript : Training from the Source, Derek Franklin,  has a blog  where he is planning to do some "preview" of some of that content in that book.  (Right now he's working on the Macromedia/Microsoft browser change workaround made neccessary by the insane negotiations about the permissions of IE to "auto-load" embedded content (read bout that  from Derek here


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10:14:18 AM    

Flash Actionscript books

I just picked up a whole slew of Flash books, specifically on Actioncript. In taking an online course on Flash MX 2004, I learned much, not the least of which was how powerful Actionscripting is. The new 2004 interface promises to be a good way to learn a bunch of Actionscript, with its "Forms Based" Flash app editor, and the components panel.


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9:54:17 AM    

Radio new post text box refreshes before I'm done

Arghhhh!   I just lost a post AGAIN!  What's up with this?  This is getting to be an epidemic.   Radio userland's Editor seems to be going haywire.  I may be becoming a MT blog only if this keeps up.
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9:51:37 AM    

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