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8/9/2003 Feeling BEHIND THE CURVE in Web development
8/7/2003 Whats coming Next?
7/9/2003 WIRED for a Decade
7/8/2003 Courtyard at OSG
7/7/2003 WIRED thoughts
7/6/2003 Machines as Power Extension
7/6/2003 In Service to Third Places
6/12/2003 Churches missing the point
6/12/2003 Bruce and The Concept of Call
6/11/2003 The 'Field of Dreams' Roadtrip
6/5/2003 Radio Stories to Movable Type
6/4/2003 How We Can Begin
5/31/2003 My Dream Job
5/31/2003 A Letter exploring being a Fellow to help Seminaries teach Web Communication
5/30/2003 Blogging and Coding for Support-while-jobhunting
5/26/2003 Some Peasant Monk
5/25/2003 Large Chunks, Thoroughly Missed
5/25/2003 Kelli Says Goodnight, No sunglasses
5/25/2003 Kelli Says Goodnight
5/21/2003 47, now what?
5/19/2003 Technology Lectures at Seabury
5/13/2003 The Vicious Cycle
5/8/2003 AKMAandDave
5/4/2003 Stories Page FullSize
5/4/2003 Call to Be Online
4/23/2003 Google Watch
4/22/2003 The Theology and Technical Training Quagmire
4/20/2003 God Bless the USA, Southern Baptist Style
4/12/2003 Ecumenical Networks
4/12/2003 An MIT for the Church
4/10/2003 True Images of War
4/9/2003 Collateral Damage
4/3/2003 The Bible as Hypertext
3/22/2003 Growing Community Everywhere
3/1/2003 Theses 5
3/1/2003 Theses 4
3/1/2003 Pushing Out the Journey Inward
2/27/2003 The Three P's
2/15/2003 Love as Killer App
2/15/2003 Capturing and Encouraging Online Stories
2/11/2003 Creating a Congregational Web Site
2/9/2003 We can't just MOVE ON
2/1/2003 Fire and Brimstone
1/23/2003 Good Stewards of Online Community
1/22/2003 There's Really a 'There' There
1/21/2003 Too Quick to Judge
1/21/2003 Speech vs Online Interaction
1/21/2003 Legitimate Theological and Sociological Exploration of Online Community
1/20/2003 My problem with anti-Net culture rhetoric
1/18/2003 Morality and Media
1/18/2003 Instantaneous vs Infoglut
1/15/2003 Moderating Our Informational Desires
1/14/2003 Discerning Our Informationism
1/10/2003 Schultze Preface
1/10/2003 Review of the Forward (Habits of the High-Tech Heart)
1/10/2003 Intro: Identifying the Techno-Moral Crisis
1/8/2003 Habits of the High-Tech Heart: Living Virtuously in the Information Age
1/5/2003 Web Development Calling
1/3/2003 Family 2003
1/2/2003 The Bible Wants to be Hypertext
1/2/2003 Markets Are Conversations; The Church in Dialogue
1/2/2003 Human Beings, Not Market Sectors
1/2/2003 A Church Online
1/1/2003 Connecting When We Are Not There
12/23/2002 Kelli and Brian Dec. 23 02
12/17/2002 Multiple Membership
12/12/2002 Utilize the Viral Nature of Lay Renewal
12/12/2002 My broken Kit News Aggregator
12/7/2002 Telling the Story of a Church on the web
12/7/2002 Church of the Saviour Web
12/7/2002 Beyond BrochureWare for Churches
12/7/2002 A Place of Connectivity
12/6/2002 Work Experience
12/6/2002 Education Experience
12/5/2002 Technical Goals
5/2/2003 Family Picture October 2001
12/5/2002 family_oct_nov3_300.jpg
12/5/2002 Family Picture October 2001
12/4/2002 Web Community Platform
12/4/2002 Church Web Schemas
12/2/2002 The Social and Spiritual Realities We Ignore
12/1/2002 Kelli with new camera
11/25/2002 Where is the next Great Good Place?
11/25/2002 First Baptist Church on the Web
11/25/2002 church web Geek-ness
11/25/2002 Churches with Flash
11/25/2002 about the notes from Larry
11/24/2002 Web Skills
11/24/2002 Web Development
11/24/2002 My Resume Index
11/24/2002 My Resume
12/12/2002 LatureRes121102.doc
11/24/2002 Goals and Calling
11/24/2002 Fit with UMCom Mission
11/23/2002 Ire Toward Former SBC Leaders
11/23/2002 Getting Clued In As Web Churches
11/23/2002 Another Sunday Morning
11/23/2002 Smart Church Mobs 2
11/22/2002 The God Beyond Orthodoxies
11/22/2002 My Most Memorable MLB Moments
5/24/2003 What is a Christian?
5/24/2003 The God Beyond Orthodoxies
5/24/2003 callToCommitment
10/12/2002 Jesus and The Kingdom of God
10/12/2002 Sept. 10-11, 2002
10/12/2002 Cosmic Christ
10/12/2002 God and Politics
10/12/2002 Getting a Clue in Church about the Web
10/12/2002 20 years
10/12/2002 Online Intimacy and Discipleship
10/12/2002 Call to Commitment
10/12/2002 What is a Christian?
10/12/2002 Sunday morning Blog
10/12/2002 Getting a Clue in the Church
10/12/2002 Knowledge Management for the Church
10/12/2002 Being Called from the periphery in to the heart of it
10/12/2002 Doing is Believing - the story
10/12/2002 Web Site Functions
10/12/2002 Church Web Site Visions
10/12/2002 The Southern Baptist Convention
10/12/2002 Pastor Blogs
10/12/2002 Left Behind Madness
10/12/2002 Religious Publishing that Sells
10/12/2002 Good Business, Good Theology
10/12/2002 Linking to the related events in our world
10/12/2002 Deep Linking the Scriptures
10/12/2002 Islam Hijacked
10/12/2002 The Manifesto for the emerging Christian counterculture?
10/12/2002 Weblogging is conversation (snapshots vs complete bio)
10/12/2002 Real vs Virtual Community
10/12/2002 United Theological Seminary
10/12/2002 Ken Bedell
10/12/2002 The EUMC Homecoming
10/12/2002 The Cluetrain Manifesto
10/12/2002 It's not a nurdy thing
10/12/2002 a new story
10/12/2002 News Items under a particular theme
10/12/2002 Blogging and the Church
10/12/2002 a story to delete to refresh my stories index page
10/12/2002 New Story (07/06/02 self-tests)
10/12/2002 To be a community
10/12/2002 The Third Place
10/12/2002 Online Venture in Web Theology Research
10/12/2002 New Media Communications
10/12/2002 MORE
10/12/2002 Index to Communications Project Paper

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