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  Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Radio Software has driven me away

One of the major reasons for my exodus from Radio is the maddening tendency for Radio to refresh my page while I am typing.  It does it on nearly half my attempts to post,  effectively making me start over.  It did it on my previous post while I was attempting to remind people to change their links to my RSS,  which I have changed largely because of this problem (ironic isn't it?).

I am amxiously awaiting MT 3.0,  as well as enhancements to dotText.  I blog using both of these (My main blog at  and my dottext blog at


comment []
9:48:06 AM    

Please change OLD RSS references!

I just noticed that several people who have my RSS on their lists are still using the OLD RSS.  Thatis to myRadio blog, and I no longer post there (except for thisand other periodic reminders).  Please change all RSS links to  to
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9:42:43 AM    

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